Intrusion Prevention

How to stop unwanted intruders exploiting your network? There's no simple answer to this question . The best probable answer is to make your network harder to exploit than the "average" network , Exploiters usually work with automated scripts to target and exploit the easy pickings. 

Install a good Firewall

Their are many firewalls available and to  learn all the intricacies  of them all is almost impossible. However, the best ones are based on Linux. From experience we would recommend software from the opensource stable such as pfSense or Nethserver. These are Unix and Linux based systems. There are both excellent products. Subscription is available for support.

IDS (Intrusion detection System)

Both pfSense and Nethserver have an IDS system built in called suricata. The purpose is to detect abnormal traffic from hosts on your network, and block it. Setting up IDS is a time consuming process, learning the behaviour of typical sites and false positives, The emphasis  is not dispute business during the setup process.

Web Content Filtering

To control the nature of traffic and to a lesser extent, the source from which traffic originates requires the use of a proxy server. Nethserver and pfSense both have this facility. Typically adult content would be blocked, and in some cases advertising links. Blocking advertising has the interesting effect blanking out portions of web pages that embed annoying adverts. It is also possible to filter webcontent through a DNS server such as with OpenDNS.

DNS and Pi-Hole sink

Use a good DNS service. There are a few out there. Cloudflare and OpenDNS are ones that we would recommend. Pi-Hole is an additional Advertising DNS Blocker. Typically We would set up Pi-Hole as a DNS Server.

Verizon Report

in 2018 58% of data breach victims were small businesses. So, it’s crucial for companies of all sizes to take security seriously. Read the full report here